Ligature ltd
OCR Solutions for businesses/ organizations and individuals
Welcome to Ligature ltd : an Optical Character Recognition - OCR solutions focused company. Our line of products can handle 12 languages : English (US / UK), Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, Portugues, Dutch and Czech
In 1989, a team of leading math, statistics, and computer science specialists, united by a vision of developing the best OCR software possible, founded Ligature. In less than one year the Ligature team produced a working OCR product. In 1991 the company completed development of its first generation Omnifont products for both Hebrew and Latin characters. The Hebrew product met with immediate and remarkable success in the Israeli market, and is currently integrated in government offices, businesses ranging from small to large cooperates, and also by students and individuals
Our software can be integrated with OEMS, VARs and System Integrators by incorporating EasyText into software applications and hardware products, and of course as a stand-alone software
For further enquiries please contact us via email info(at) or by filling the following form:
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